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A Business that accomplish most of their work in a project and team oriented environment are no stranger to deadlines. So, too, are the employees of those companies no strangers to stress. Whether a critical deadline is coming up and calls for crunch time, or delays require a redoubling of internal efforts, the pressure of doing business can induce a lot of stress. For businesses to function efficiently, though, they cannot focus only on managing a project to completion. One must carefully steward employee morale as well. Those who are too stressed not only damage group cohesion but may even put forward a substandard or incomplete effort. The solution is effective workplace stress management.

At A Higher Self, we bring stress management to Sydney businesses in the form of workshops and other efforts. By taking the time to understand the needs of each business and the challenges facing them, we use our toolbox of strategies to formulate the best approach for helping your employees. A happy employee who understands how to manage his or her stress is a more useful and productive worker. Not only does this reduce absenteeism rates and the potential for blown deadlines, but caring for the mental well-being of your staff can yield dividends regarding loyalty as well. What is the process that we follow to teach practical techniques in workplace stress management for Sydney businesses?

How A Higher Self brings workplace stress management to Sydney

Rather than approaching your business with a “one size fits all” approach, A Higher Self instead works through an initial assessment and pilot program. In other words, we want to find out what will work best for your firm. Most commonly, once we’ve assessed your needs and determined the best way to proceed, our “Calming Stress” management workshop will take place over about six weeks in your workplace. In these meetings, groups of employees will learn the theory behind managing stress as well as techniques for putting it into practice.

We make an effort to reinforce the learning practically as well. Employees will leave our programme better suited to the daily stress of the workplace. They will have learned ways to calm themselves, re-centre their lives, and avoid letting stress get the better of them. This approach, in turn, leads to a better workplace and more productivity.

Contact A Higher Self today for further booking information

With a decade of experience in offering effective workplace stress management, A Higher Self is ready to bring its process to your business. Whether your goal is to prepare a team for the rigours of crunch time or to repair dwindling morale and boost the company’s spirit, we will work with your staff compassionately to deliver the necessary coping skills. Managing employee stress is not just sound business policy, but it is a gesture of goodwill as well. Happier, healthier employees mean a business that can operate more cohesively. To discuss booking a “Calming Stress” workshop or for more information on what we do, please contact us on 0439 300 614.

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