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As a manager, becoming attuned to the mood and temperament of your staff is just a part of the job description. While you might not have the superpowers necessary to read everyone’s mind, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sense of the general demeanour of the office. Sensing whether a team is excited for their current project or stuck in the weeds and in need of encouragement is a big part of driving its members forward to success. What happens when a kind word and a pat on the back aren’t enough, though? Sometimes, you may have to contend with a demoralised team or one that is under a lot of pressure. Whether a big deadline was just missed or the company was recently reorganised, it’s no reason to allow the state of workplace health and wellness to decline.

With the right approach, your staff can regain control of their work-life balance and learn new mental tools to learn coping strategies for stress. Workplace communication is also something you can enhance, facilitating better teamwork in the future. These are the goals of a higher self’s well-developed programs. Founded with experience from the health and business sectors and operating since 2006, making workplace health and wellness in Sydney offices a priority is our goal. Helping you and your team is our passion.

The three core benefits of workplace health and wellness efforts

What makes health and wellness programs such as ours so important in the workplace? These three benefits demonstrate the impact.

  1. Staff re-engage with their work in new and more rewarding ways. When focusing on their health and wellness with a higher self, employees come to understand how to deal with the challenges they face daily. By providing them with tools to combat stress, they can look at their work in a new light.
  2. By making an investment in workplace health and wellness in your business, you inspire employees to loyalty. Seeing that an employer cares about their wellness is a big positive sign in and of itself. Working with your staff inside these programs shows kindness and concern beyond the desire to meet deadlines.
  3. You gain long-term benefits from a more grounded staff. Tough deadlines and strict client requirements become challenges to defeat rather than insurmountable mountains. With new methods of communication and stress management at hand, staffers are better prepared to face whatever comes their way.

Make the effort for employee health and enquire about our programs

When your concern is growing over the way your staff is interacting and behaving, it’s time to make a change. Could our “Better Communication, Better Relationships” program be a good fit for your firm? We can investigate the needs of your employees, understanding directly what improvements in workplace health and wellness at your Newcastle office they would benefit from the most. With a decade of operational experience behind a higher self, we are able to “think outside the box” to reach the core issues facing your workplace. To enquire more about how we work via email, reach us at To book in, call today on 0439 300 614. We look forward to working with you.

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