Workplace Wellness Programs

Our approach is flexible conducted as a training workshop or weekly group sessions across several weeks.

Minimum number of group participants 10-12. We have the capacity for company roll out.

One Day Calming Stress Workshop for Employees

No Stress is a Myth! This one day workshop is designed to promote employee resilience. It can be integrated into a change management project and/or be a part of a whole of company approach-creating a mentally healthy workplace. It can also be tailored to meet specific workplace needs. Understanding stress and its impact, learning what ...

Corporate Wellness Programs

It is estimated that stress related absenteeism costs Australian business $10.11 billion per year. Stress is known to be a trigger for mental illness and leaves us vulnerable to physical illness. In the workplace this results in increased absenteeism, presenteeism, interpersonal conflict, decreased job satisfaction, physical/psychological injury and loss of productivity. So why is stress ...

Harnessing Group Dynamics

The way people interact in a one to one situation can vary enormously to how they present when they are in a group environment. The psychology behind group dynamics explores what is occurring within a group and its impact- ranging from synergy to toxicity. Sometimes for whatever reason in a group relationship something is occurring ...

Better Communication, Better Relationships

When we are unable to communicate honestly with each other we are unable to trust. When we are unable to listen to the honesty of another we dismiss information that could be valuable to immediate outcomes and future business. Healthy dialogue requires self-awareness, courage, reflective practice and an openness/ curiosity for the opinion of others. ...

Debriefing Grief

It is an unfortunate and sad reality when a valued member in our workplace experiences misfortune. This can take the form of an unexpected or expected death for example when someone has cancer or an accident that changes the way life was once lived. When this occurs the workplace is often left uncertain – not …

Accredited Mental Health First Aid

Does your workplace have accredited mental health First Aid Officers? Clause 42 of the Model Work Health & Safety Regulations (Safe Work Australia, 2018) draws specific mention to the provision of first aid within workplaces. As as result workplaces have nominated accredited first aid officers. These employees are trained to attend to physical injury yet ...

Learning & Development

The training services offered by A Higher Self are innovative and individually tailored to facilitate workplace wellness.

Our approach involves:

  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Collaboration-Linking wellness modules to your workplace
  • Designing the program to meet workplace needs
  • Delivering the Program
  • Closure -Seeking your Feedback

Please note: Our teaching is guided by adult learning theories to provide an environment that is safe- education that is relevant, problem oriented and meaningful to attendees. Our goal is to facilitate growth and deliver wellness.

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