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At the end of the day, operating a business with great success is all about the bottom line. Whether you are offering services, selling a product, or working in the finance sector moving cash about, revenue generation is critical. Anything that harms your bottom line deserves a hard look from your business to determine whether or not it is a leak which you can plug. What if that “leak” is coming from your employees? Higher instances of staff not showing up for work (or showing up late); work results that are falling below standards; even employee turnover can be a problem that costs you money. There is clearly some issue. Simply put: it may be that people are unhappy with their work environment. Dissatisfaction and mental fatigue in the workplace are not uncommon.

What if you could have a positive impact on your bottom line by investing in the health of your employees through wellness programs? Contributing to a friendlier workplace staffed by individuals who feel equipped to handle their stresses will have a clear benefit for the cost. a higher self offers tailor-made wellness programs for Sydney businesses . We aim to work with your business to develop effective programs that can help you stop up the leaks that stem from workplace stress while aiding your staff in living more mindfully.

A higher self’s wellness programs are cost-effective and beneficial

There are many reasons as to why deploying wellness programs in your office can have a positive effect on your bottom line. Consider some of the most common costs incurred as a result of stressed employees whose mental health might not be the best:

  1. Absenteeism. Workers who don’t feel connected to the workplace as a result of a poor environment and just won’t turn up to work. Call-outs and spikes in sick time usage cost you in real terms and in terms of productivity.
  2. “Presenteeism.” Maybe your staff shows up but simply doesn’t engage with the work in the same way. Learning to manage workplace feelings and boosting overall mental wellness can aid in this area.
  3. Increased turnover. If staff members feel poorly enough, they may just quit. Now you’ll have to spend time and money hiring new staff while the rest pick up the slack. It’s not an ideal situation. However, our wellness programs can assist in lowering turnover.

Reduce costly turnover — enquire about booking with us

When the help wellness programs can bring to your Sydney business translates into real dollars, it makes sense to make the investment. a higher self delivers value to your company through directly observable effects. Whether that translates into employees who are happier to work longer hours or a turnover rate that shrinks, your business benefits. Less turnover means the development of more veteran, experienced staff members who turn up to work on time daily. We have additional resources here on our website where you can read more on the value of a wellness focus. If you would like to hear more about a higher self’s programs or to book us in, ring our offices on 0439 300 614.

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