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In the tech sector, there are few industries that work under such consistent time pressure as the software development business. With so many computers and electronic systems around us in the world today, software is more important than ever. It drives the engine of industry forward and powers our social connections, our media, business, and even art. Every software developer is familiar with “crunch time” — the period right before a final deadline where everyone must work harder and longer to meet internal goals. Delivery on time is of paramount importance; your firm’s reputation and financial future may depend on it. It’s a team effort for everyone to push forward towards the finish line. However, this environment is overwhelmingly stressful. As “crunch time” expands in scope in the industry, employees are finding it harder to cope.

As a project manager, you probably know that the most detrimental thing to team cohesion and the ability to hit your milestones is stress and tension. Disagreements can turn into harassment claims; absenteeism starts to rise, and the pace of development slows. Making employee wellness a focus in your workplace can help to mitigate these effects. It is hard for individuals to manage their mental wellness when they are under immense pressure. a higher self uses a compassionate, evidence-based wellness program for your Newcastle staff to promote a healthier system for handling stress within the office. Consider the benefits implementing such a program can bring to your company and staff.

Managing stress is a key goal of our wellness program

Among our approaches, choosing our “Calming Stress” wellness program to use in your office may be the best option for software teams. Our gentle approach takes into account unique aspects of your team and company. Our approach, anchored in empirical research, provides employees with a confidential “safe haven” at work to vent their problems. We teach workers how to understand the nature of their personal stresses and how they respond to it; this enables the application of coping skills.

Spreading sessions of our wellness program out over several weeks is a preferred approach. This allows for continual re-engagement with staff. It also provides for reinforcement of skills until your staff fully grasps how to cope with their stress. With our “tool kit” for calming stress internally and externally, you can keep the team focused on the goal.

Think ahead — book with us today before the crunch hits

Before your new project hits crunch time, think about booking in our services in providing a wellness program for your Sydney team. Whether you choose to spread our “Calming Stress” wellness out across weekly sessions or you choose our “Better Communications, Better Relationships” program, we will assess the unique needs of your firm. Before rolling out the program to the entire company, we can coordinate a small pilot test to allow you to see how the system works as we refine our approach for your company. For more information on the importance of wellness, please consult our Resources page. To set a date and book in with us, call on 0439 300 614.

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