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At business seminars and conferences across the world, major topics always include how to drive more productivity. The business world is always searching for that next deal and a way to climb the next rung up the ladder. That is just the way business works, but productivity does not have to come at the expense of employee wellness. Mental health connects to job performance in more ways than most employers perhaps realise. When your workplace is full of stressed staff, expensive problems can arise more frequently. Whether it is workers’ compensation claims filed for mental distress or an increasing number of staff calling out of work, to even higher turnover, wellness in the workplace is not something to overlook.

A higher self provides workplace wellness programs designed to assist your staff in overcoming the challenges that stand in the way of solid mental health. Recognising the importance of these services is the first step; implementing them is the second. No one solution is the same, and at a higher self, we base our approach to wellness in the workplace at your Sydney business through needs analysis and a pilot program. This allows us to understand the unique stresses your employees face. What difference does emphasising wellness make in the long run?

Why is wellness in the workplace so important?

Offices where staff is constantly under pressure will experience a number of effects, including:

  • Highly stressed staff members enjoy their job less. Lowered job satisfaction means no one is giving 110% or even 100% — you’re lucky if demoralised staff are putting forth even 50% of their full effort. Who wants to work hard when being at work makes you feel bad? Refocusing with a strategy on wellness in the workplace at your location can help to combat this.
  • Clients will take notice when work output decreases to substandard quality levels as a result of poor employee morale and high stress levels.
  • Interpersonal conflicts in the workplace increase. This can lead to the breakdown of group dynamics even among previously solid performers. When employee wellness isn’t considered, keeping groups healthy is harder.

A higher self’s programs help you to pivot the state of office morale, assisting in restoring confidence to your employees. Group building exercises and stress management techniques are ideal in this case.

Book with us today and explore all the options for your firm

By now it should be easy to see why wellness in the workplace at your Newcastle business is very important. Concerning yourself with employee wellness is not only good business sense, but it’s also a compassionate choice to make. Utilising the careful approaches employed by a higher self is an effective way to take that step. If you would like to book one of our services, such as Calming Stress sessions, please phone us on 0439 300 614. Direct all email enquiries to for a prompt response. Keep your productivity levels where you want them to be and enjoy the benefits of a workplace engaged with its own wellness.

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