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Taking care of one’s self is a crucial component to mental and emotional well-being and overall quality of life. When people fail to take the time to decompress from a tough work situation or don’t understand how to defuse the body’s reactions to stressful situations, mental health and overall wellness can decline to the point of illness. Also, an employee who has a stressful work life will carry that stress into their personal life, and an unhappy employee tends to bring the manifestations of personal stress into the workplace.

At a higher self, we strive to teach managers, staff and businesses the implications of unmanaged stress and lack of self-care. Our goal remains to provide people in the workplace with the tools they need to stay healthy, happy, well and productive. As one of Australia’s premier wellness companies in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast, our programs focus on conflict management, viewing situations through the eyes of others, creating open communication and adopting the introspective mindset to tackle any situation that may arise.

As your employees learn about employee wellness, they will take the tools gained in class and transfer those into their personal lives. Engaging in workplace programs does more than create a positive and productive work environment, it transforms lives.

The Secret that Wellness Companies in Sydney know about Workplace Stress

Life can be stressful, but the way we handle that stress makes the difference between a fulfilling work life experience and a painful one. There is a delicate balance between pressure that motivates and stress that causes illness. Also, the costs of unmanaged stress on businesses and their employees is more than a toxic work environment. Unmanaged stress can seep over into the overall health of the organisation. For example, an employee who is unable to recover from a stressful interaction at work could experience severe mental, emotional and physical issues. These items include a decrease in job satisfaction, increased conflicts with co-workers and management, dissatisfied clientele and absenteeism or workers’ compensation claims.

At a higher self, we are proud to be one of the leading wellness companies in Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle. We are different in that we don’t provide a “catch- all” type of program. Our innovative techniques are geared to help employees learn to cope with stressful situations and gain an understanding of their co-worker’s ability to do the same. For example, our “Calming Stress” Wellness Program provides participants with a layered, multi-dimensional toolkit they can use for a lifetime.

Why Wellness Companies in Sydney Change Lives

The data related to stress in the workplace is evident – employees are stressed out and that makes them unhappy and less productive. Wellness companies in Sydney, have figured out how to resolve this issue and know that happy employees lead to a profitable business. We are proud to provide your employees with alternative wellness programs. Call us today on 61 439 3000 614 or submit an online enquiry form to get started.

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