One Day Calming Stress Workshop for Employees

No Stress is a Myth!

This one day workshop is designed to promote employee resilience. It can be integrated into a change management project and/or be a part of a whole of company approach-creating a mentally healthy workplace. It can also be tailored to meet specific workplace needs.

Understanding stress and its impact, learning what factors offset stress and protect us further how to calm ourselves down – fosters resilience.

Workplace change in the form of downsizing and restructures; workplace demands; problems with colleagues; difficult life circumstances are stressful. It can make us wish there was a magic wand to take it all away. The truth is managing stress when we are in situations we feel we have little control over and protecting ourselves from harm is complex. It requires a tool box.

There are an abundance of quality resources available in the world to help people manage their stress and yet the support to explain why, what, when and how to use them is not integrated.

This one day workshop will help employees to:

  • Understand stress
  • Gain individual awareness of the impact of stress
  • Change perceptions of current circumstances
  • Identify and engage protective factors to support wellness
  • Learn new ways to calm stress.
  • Find resources that support them

For further information please contact us for a consultation and quote. Minimum group number 10 employees.


When I think of Kim and her work I think of strength. Kim can shake the foundations of people and organisations and its done with love and strength and from a place of authenticity


Kim is a very diligent facilitator. She challenged our thinking and really made us think about what we are here for and how we can achieve it.


I think one of Kim’s strengths is her ability to include and encourage every person in the team. She is a strong leader and sticks closely to the rules that we laid out at the beginning of the program. This has in turn gained the groups respect and involvement.


Kim turned our group from strangers into a closely- knit group of friends.


Kim is very knowledgeable and links the content of the sessions to the program well.


Kim is an excellent teacher. She fostered an environment that allowed the group to form a strong bond that I have no doubt will last for a long time.


Kim does not shy away from the emotional content of the program or workplace leading the group to explore and analyse how we truly felt about many grey ethical issues.


Kim your workshop was highly regarded by my staff. Several of them said it was brilliant. Thanks for the time and effort you put into it.


Excellent engagement, discussion and examples. Really enjoyed the videos and group discussions. Feeling a lot more confident and positive about the principles.


Kim, if ever you are feeling the slightest bit less than the uniquely magnificent person you are read this and know that you changed someone’s life (no doubt I am not the only one).


I honestly just wanted to tell you I think you are an amazing person and made a huge difference in my life. You should be proud of your contribution to mental health we need more people like you out there


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