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Teamwork is fundamental to success in business. No one is an island, and no one can achieve all they desire without the help of others. A company is simply a group of like-minded individuals working together towards a common task. Whether that happens in the insurance sector or the world of technology, you will manage teams through all kinds of projects, deadlines, and requirements. A team that cannot function effectively together, however, is not likely to accomplish much at all. Stress is a natural reaction to the high-intensity environments that are common to many businesses, but it can have a severely damaging effect on team cohesion, effectiveness, and productivity. When you notice that your employees are too stressed, it is necessary to find a solution.

A Higher Self hopes to offer a path towards that solution to many businesses. Offering comprehensive stress management workshops, we use our knowledge and experience to uncover the issues facing your staff. We teach effective techniques through a stress management workshop for your Sydney business, custom tailored to meet your firm’s needs. Every corporate environment is different, and so is every individual. Working to find the solutions ideal for your company is our goal. Why is holding one of our workshops a good idea for your business, though? What makes stress management so critical?

The tangible benefits of stress management workshops

  1. Your business will save money in a variety of areas. Employees with less stress tend to be more productive, meaning your business will see a noticeable financial benefit that comes from effective stress management. The absenteeism rate may decline, and overall employee work output can increase. In fact, several studies showcase this effect. You can find more information under our “Resources” tab.
  2. A stress management workshop is tax deductible. The ability to write off the cost of our workshops against your tax bill may make them an even more attractive option. In addition to helping your employees and increasing production, you can reduce your end of year tax burden and improve your bottom line as well.
  3. You can reduce your turnover rate. Unhappy and stressed employees are more likely to leave your business for another. That creates costly turnover and wastes time in the hunt for replacements. Staff who can understand how to manage stress is less likely to depart. That equals long term savings and benefits.

Contact A Higher Self to book a workshop

The above list is just a few of the biggest and most noticeable benefits to your company in Sydney. A stress management workshop like A Higher Self’s “Calming Stress” workshop should take into account your business’s culture, mission, and the kinds of people working for you. We make every effort to not only know your business but understand its needs. From there, applying our accumulated knowledge and experience for the betterment of your staff is our next step. We are always happy to discuss our methodology with interested parties. For more on how we can help your team manage stress, or if you would like to enquire about a booking, please navigate to our “Contact” page.

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