Is There Incentive to Reduce Staff Stress in Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast? Research Says Yes


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Stress is a natural part of any workplace, and a little bit of stress is perfectly healthy. It drives and motivates individuals to do better and to achieve their goals, while making sure they take appropriate amounts of risk. But too much stress in the workplace does just the opposite, and leads to a lot of additional problems. It therefore becomes essential for those in charge to find ways to reduce staff stress by any means possible, but in a way that will not affect work performance or undermine work goals.

It may seem like a difficult situation to deal with, but fortunately there has been much ongoing research into the subject. Understanding what causes stress in the workplace – and what can be done to mitigate stress – can go a long way to reduce staff stress. Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast businesses looking to create a better workplace must begin by understanding why stress is such a problem, and what they can do to combat it.

Reasons to Reduce Staff Stress in Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast Businesses

An employer’s motivation to reduce employee stress should go far beyond wanting to keep his employees happy. There are a multitude of reasons to reduce staff stress, and in Newcastle, Central Coast, and Sydney, business owners should pay close attention to what’s going on in their workplace if they want to ensure they are not losing out due to stress. These days, stress and mental health factors far surpass physical health as the primary reason people miss work. Employers looking to reduce the amount of absenteeism and sick leave in the workplace would do well to look at the potential of implementing a stress reduction program amongst their workforce.

But this is not the only reason that this type of program can be beneficial to companies. Another reason to reduce staff stress in Central Coast, Newcastle, and Sydney businesses is to ensure a greater qualify of work. Reports say that stress in the workplace and lower employee satisfaction typically also correlates to a lowered client satisfaction in the work that they receive. Additionally, reduced stress in the workplace can ensure greater cooperation among employees, reduced instances of harassment and bullying, and overall a greater sense of wellbeing on the whole.

How a higher self Can Implement a Program to Reduce Staff Stress

With its Calming Stress – Workplace Wellness program, a higher self can help to ensure a greater sense of wellbeing in the workplace. While some business owners may be worried about the costs of implementing such a program, studies have shown that the costs of implementation are low, and that there is typically a $5.31 return for every $1 invested. This tax-deductible investment can be a great way to ensure a greater piece of mind for everybody involved in the workplace. To learn more about what a higher self can do for you, contact us today.

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