Harnessing Group Dynamics

The way people interact in a one to one situation can vary enormously to how they present when they are in a group environment.

The psychology behind group dynamics explores what is occurring within a group and its impact- ranging from synergy to toxicity.

Sometimes for whatever reason in a group relationship something is occurring that is not ok with us- But for whatever reason we are reluctant to speak up about it.

When we choose to do this individually or collectively it creates an unhealthy tension between us and the organization; as a result we experience moral distress.

This tension does not magically disappear instead it builds up and eats away at the heart of the employee and organization- this can lead to poor decision making, corruption and mental health problems.

This program provides the insight and skills to identify healthy and unhealthy individual and group dynamics- Further how to restore wellness.

Harnessing Group Dynamics
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