Debriefing Grief

It is an unfortunate and sad reality when a valued member in our workplace experiences misfortune. This can take the form of an unexpected or expected death for example when someone has cancer or an accident that changes the way life was once lived. When this occurs the workplace is often left uncertain – not knowing what to do or how to attend to the emotional shock and loss.

This debrief/ workshop provides an opportunity to better understand grief and its impact. It provides a framework to make sense of what has occurred and acknowledge workplace upset. It assists attendees to find better ways to take care of themselves and each other.

Available in Newcastle, Central Coast & Sydney. Minimum group number of 6 employees.

Standard session $660.00 per group. Please note time and cost is dependent on the scale of the assignment (it is important for attendees to have the opportunity to speak and this can take time). For more details please email or phone A Higher Self – details provided on website