One Day Calming Stress Workshop for Employees

No Stress is a Myth!

This one day workshop is designed to promote employee resilience. It can be integrated into a change management project and/or be a part of a whole of company approach-creating a mentally healthy workplace. It can also be tailored to meet specific workplace needs.

Understanding stress and its impact, learning what factors offset stress and protect us further how to calm ourselves down – fosters resilience.

Workplace change in the form of downsizing and restructures; workplace demands; problems with colleagues; difficult life circumstances are stressful. It can make us wish there was a magic wand to take it all away. The truth is managing stress when we are in situations we feel we have little control over and protecting ourselves from harm is complex. It requires a tool box.

There are an abundance of quality resources available in the world to help people manage their stress and yet the support to explain why, what, when and how to use them is not integrated.

This one day workshop will help employees to:

  1. Understand stress
  2. Gain individual awareness of the impact of stress
  3. Change perceptions of current circumstances
  4. Identify and engage protective factors to support wellness
  5. Learn new ways to calm stress.
  6. Find resources that support them

For further information please contact us for a consultation and quote. Minimum group number 10 employees.

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We are currently focused on creating & delivering 

in house workshops for businesses.

We are looking forward to providing set workshop dates for individual employees

from any workplace

in 2019.





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photo of Kim

Kim Elkovich – MD /Principal Consultant
Masters in Counselling, MBA, Post GradDip Psychology, BAppSc (Nursing).

Kim’s corporate career began at 22 years of age working as a sales representative within the pharmaceutical industry. Across 15 years Kim climbed the corporate ladder to hold both National sales and marketing roles. Whilst consulting for the N.S.W. Department of Health in 2004 Kim commenced her study in the field of psychology.

Now at 48 years of age Kim has combined both her corporate and clinical experience – running niche wellness programs for organisations. Kim also works (eight years) as a sessional academic within the Faculty of Health at the University of Newcastle.

Kim’s area of academic interest and PhD focus is employee moral distress and what constitutes an ethical environment. Further how can we create one to provide equity for all?