Calming Stress – Organisational Workplace Wellness

In Australia mental health has overtaken physical injury as the cause of the largest absences from work (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014).

Work related stress affects the wellbeing and health of employees. When people are unable to calm their stress, physical, mental and emotional difficulties arise. The workplace signs and symptoms of unmanaged stress include:

  • Decreased job satisfaction
  • Increased absenteeism & staff turnover
  • Increased employee conflict (counter claims of bullying and harassment)
  • Decreased client satisfaction
  • Workers compensation claims related to mental illness

Our “Calming Stress” Wellness Program provides attendees with the following:

  • Knowledge of stress and their individual response
  • A safe and confidential place to vent
  • A tool kit to calm stress from the inside out and the outside in
  • Experiential learning- we apply the skills until self- sufficiency is attained

The evidence for Prevention and Wellness Programs

Evidence suggests “that health and wellbeing programs do not need to be expensive to be effective. Many workplaces have implemented holistic low-cost programs that result in significant benefits.” (National Mental Health Commission & Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, 2014).

“In a recent meta- evaluation of 700 studies- workplace health programs resulted in a $5.81 saving for every $1 invested in employee wellbeing.” (The Health and Productivity Institute of Australia, 2015).

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Program Delivery

Option 1

A six week group program – 2 hours per week. Recommended group size 10-12 participants with company roll out possible.

The program is structured into weekly modules that integrate both theory and skills. Participants are then provided with weekly options to ground the learning.

At course completion each individual has their own meaningful toolbox.

Option 2

We work with you to create an option. This can take the form of a workshop and/or combined with two hour sessions. It is based on a needs analysis of your workplace.

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photo of Kim

Kim Elkovich – MD /Principal Consultant
Masters in Counselling, MBA, Post GradDip Psychology, BAppSc.

Kim’s corporate career began at 22 years of age working as a sales representative within the pharmaceutical industry. Across 15 years Kim climbed the corporate ladder to hold both national sales and marketing roles. Whilst consulting for the N.S.W. Department of Health in 2006 Kim returned to study.

Ten years later at 47 years of age Kim has combined her clinical grassroots as a health professional with her corporate understanding – running niche wellness programs for organisations. Kim also works as a sessional academic for the University of Newcastle.

Kim’s area of academic interest and PhD focus is employee moral distress and whistle blowing. What factors contribute to a safe and ethical workplace climate and how can we create one?