Accredited Mental Health First Aid

Does your workplace have accredited mental health First Aid Officers?

Clause 42 of the Model Work Health & Safety Regulations (Safe Work Australia, 2018) draws specific mention to the provision of first aid within workplaces. As as result workplaces have nominated accredited first aid officers.

These employees are trained to attend to physical injury yet how many workplaces have accredited mental health first aiders?

When workplaces are experiencing an increase in stress related workplace issues further the rise in societal mental illness, the provision of mental health first aid officers makes sense.  These officers are trained to support staff who are psychologically and emotionally struggling until help is sought. A Higher Self recommends this program as an initial workplace strategy before any wellness program is designed and implemented.

The provision of mental health first aid officers offers a number of benefits:

  • Helps to reduce mental health stigma
  • Creates workplace mental health champions
  • Offers employees a safe place to fall
  • Detects issues early and fosters early help seeking
  • Promotes good mental health

Our instructors are accredited by the national body “Mental Health First Aid Australia” to deliver Mental Health First Aid Officer Training. This is an accredited 2- day program that provides the skills to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or who is in crisis. First aid is given until appropriate support/ treatment is received.  Sometimes with a good listening ear and deescalation skills the crisis simply resolves.

This program educates attendees about a number of mental illnesses for example depression and anxiety. It also provides understanding of key mental health crisis such as panic attacks and how to engage with someone until help is arranged.

For more information and/or to organise in house training please contact us