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understanding grief

The Significance of Grief!

Understanding Grief We have all felt sad from time to time, but there are different types of sadness. Sometimes we feel ‘down’. Other times we may let disappointment turn into sadness. Sometimes we feel detached from the world in an ‘I don’t care’ kind of sadness. Others of us may feel the full force of …

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green plant growing from crack in asphalt

The Interplay between resilience and stress

What is resilience? Have you ever noticed some people deal with difficult situations better than others? Some people fall apart at the first hint of trouble, while others carry on despite whatever is thrown at them. The ability to ‘bounce back’ or adapt in the face of adversity is called ‘resilience’. It’s not a talent …

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The Problem with Quick Fixes

We’re used to getting things almost instantly. Texting has replaced more time-consuming conversations, online shopping has replaced shopping in an actual store, and fast food has replaced home-cooking. Unfortunately, convenience at our fingertips has turned us into a society geared towards a ‘quick fix’. ‘Quick fixes’ sound promising, but they really don’t last. Nor do …

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