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The emphasis on health and wellness programs is on the upswing. In 2016, more and more companies are getting on board with the idea of promoting a culture of health and wellness. Previously, this meant annual physicals, monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol, and mandatory exercise, but expanding health and wellness programs to deal with productivity issues like stress, emotional resilience, and communication is another positive new trend that is gaining ground among many forward-thinking organisations. Part of this change can be directly contributed to the rise of the Millennial generation. They are well cited as being more stressed, more anxious, and more depressed than any other living generation to date. As a result, older ideas about health and wellness, like simply losing weight or looking good, are being phased out in favour of more inclusive approaches that make happiness as much of a factor as BMI.

How the New Generation Is Viewing Happiness

The old metrics of the effectiveness of health and wellness programs were focused almost exclusively on “Return On Investment” (ROI), the amount spent on employees vs. the amount received in savings. Increasingly, however, companies, eager to woo the talent of educated Millennials are buying into the concept of “Wellness 2.0”. The new thinking is that programs addressing emotional needs promote social connections, and improve the group dynamic also increases happiness. That last part is particularly important, as Millennials are among the most well-informed and well-connected members of society. Using the internet, they can group up and find more of their own with similar opinions, and stay in contact on a near constant basis. This cultural shift is one that has the potential to solidify a new evolution in terms group interaction. Millennials are more open to accepting changing ideas about wellness than older generations, but it also presents new challenges for companies looking to adapt with the times, as Millennials, often busy and overburdened, are likely to quickly disregard information they see as antiquated or untrustworthy. Companies that can speak to the new concepts of happiness are more likely to attract and retain younger workers, a boon whether you’re coming from a purely economic point of view or a more humanitarian angle.

What a higher self Is Doing With Health and Wellness Programs

Our philosophy, which we have implemented in Sydney, places an emphasis on authenticity and honesty. It is an approach that resonates with the younger generation. We communicate directly and clearly evaluate the goals of a program before execution. Furthermore, our work is evidence based, which is a big selling point for younger audiences. Millennials are heavy tech users who devour information at a lightning pace. If an idea doesn’t have the facts to back it up, it is handily rejected for an idea that does. Our dedication is to provide hard data to supplement our positions and practices.

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