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Communication is an effective tool and a method of building trust with others. If a person isn’t able to honestly share their feelings, exchange ideas and connect with their co-workers, there can be an overall breakdown and a general dismissal of the information. This type of collapse creates a gap in the workforce which could be detrimental to a corporation. The success of a business relies upon quality interactions between employees, customers, and stakeholders.

At a higher self, we are proud to help Australian companies create workplace environments that foster healthy dialogue and open and honest communication. A viable workplace setting allows for open communication and active listening without judgement. Our employee wellness programs in Sydney focus on providing people with the tools necessary for self-awareness and self-care as a measure to alleviate the anxiety and stress that accompany lack of communication.

The important of Assertiveness Training – Employee Wellness Programs in Sydney

If you have employees who don’t speak up for themselves, you may also have a work environment that breeds contempt and staff with anxiety. Employee wellness programs in Sydney, can help to bridge the gap between what employees desire to say and what gets said.

Our programs include assertiveness training to promote healthy communication and foster a workplace where curiosity and others’ opinions are respected. The assertiveness program acknowledges defences, provides folks with the capability to express themselves and teaches people how to set healthy boundaries. Also, our employee wellness programs in Sydney also improves people’s listening abilities and aids with conflict resolution. Our unique training methods allow for practise time between training which allows participants to provide valuable feedback and gain clarity.

Employee Value and the Bottom Line – Employee Wellness Programs in Sydney

At the centre of every successful business are its people. From the top-ranking employee down to the mailroom, unless the firm is fully automated, the staff of a company provides a direct link to its products and services. If that link is strong, the products and services are delivered in such a way that the customers and clients are satisfied and the company is profitable. However, if the conduit is flawed and the employees are stressed out, the costs can be insurmountable and the results unfavourable.

At a higher self, our employee wellness programs offer businesses on the Sydney and the tools employees need to create a sense of calm. Our experienced facilitators understand the cost benefit of having healthy staff. We offer a host of specialised employee wellness programs in Sydney; each is tax deductible so the implementation of such a plan is a win-win.

When you’re ready to create the space for all employees to flourish, give us a call on 61 439 3000 614 or submit an online enquiry form to get started.

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