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Employee wellness programs are all the buzz, and just about everyone has heard of the bottom line business benefits of implementing them. Reduced health care costs, higher productivity, the list goes on and is rather extensive. What many people may not realise, though, is what an effective employee wellness program is. What criteria maximise results? How do you get employees involved? These questions are even further mired by the abundance of information decrying the use of employee wellness programs. Detractors see them as useless, intrusive, and in some cases outright harmful.

How Is Our Employee Wellness Program Different?

a higher self, which offers services in Sydney is changing perceptions about the wellness industry and recognises that an employee wellness program should address these criticisms, and approach wellness in a way that puts value on the concerns and motivations of the of the individual employee. There are four main points to consider when trying to achieve this goal:

  • Employers should attempt to understand employee needs. Many employee wellness programs attempt to force a one-size-fits-all approach to all problems. This is ineffective, and can often cause more harm than good. By determining the needs of the employee, relating them to the goals of the employer, and then implementing a strategy that targets those specific requirements, a plan for wellness is much more likely to succeed.
  • To determine what will work, analysis and study are required. We conduct a needs analysis composed of a sample of 10-12 people before creating a large-scale plan to use across an organisation. This way we can be more assured of which elements of a strategy will fit the existing corporate culture, and can shape and combine strategies to fit employees, further increasing the likelihood that they will take advantage of the programs.
  • Communication is key. We all know that honest communication is vital to building trust and that a lack of trust can lead to disaster in the business world. The same goes when implementing an employee wellness program. Employers must clearly describe a program’s criteria and methods to employees to get them on board, and start fostering a culture of wellness throughout the company.
  • Incentivise change. Creating a shift in culture is difficult. To make employees respond in an affirmative manner, the personal benefits of changing behaviours should be made plain. In many cases, individuals may feel uncomfortable with going against the way they are accustomed to handling situations. There is a particularly nasty stigma regarding mental health, in which seeking any help for stress can be viewed as weak. Providing a case for the positive outcomes of employee wellness does wonders in breaking down barriers.

Final Thought

Any employee wellness program is doomed to fail without the proper level of employee cooperation. The employees, after all, are the focus of the whole exercise, and their participation is paramount. If your business is interested in an approach that effectively engages your employees, consider emailing us at, or calling us on 0439 300 614.

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