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Why do we avoid workplace conflict?

The very word ‘conflict’ can make many of us flinch. Conflict can be confronting for most of us, particularly in the workplace. However, most of us will experience workplace conflict at some point in our lives. Conflict in the workplace has been described as “a pervasive organisational problem that affects employees’ work and interactions”. It …

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Workplace Bullying: Why does it continue?

Workplace bullying: Why does it continue? Despite laws against workplace bullying, a 2012 report by Safe Work Australia found the rates of workplace bullying in Australian workplaces are significantly higher than international rates. A survey of 5,743 workers from six states and territories found that almost seven per cent of workers had experienced workplace bullying …

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Hospitals- An outdated hierarchical culture

What an organisation states its work environment to be and what it really is can be considerably different!!! For example the culture of hospitals…I have recently contributed a chapter in a new health professional textbook. Its focus is on patient safety and the need for inter-professional communication and collaboration to prevent unnecessary deaths and mishaps, and …

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