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In 2017, it’s hard to go very long without hearing something about corporate wellness. Even mid-sized and smaller companies are adopting plans aimed at curbing the detrimental physical effects of the high-paced business lifestyle, and a good number of millennial employees list it as one of their top criteria when considering a job. It hasn’t always been so popular, though. The debate over its efficacy has been going back and forth for years, and in the early days the phrase “corporate wellness program” was synonymous with rudimentary carrot-and-stick attempts at simply cutting health costs for employers looking to bolster their bottom line. Some programs would offer rewards to employees for healthy lifestyle choices; others would impose penalties for decisions deemed risky. Often, though, they would focus on a singular goal or ambiguous set of goals broadly applied to all of a corporation’s employees: lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, “live healthy”, etc. A nebulous focus that produced narrow results, and caused many to doubt the effectiveness of the traditional corporate wellness strategy. As recently as 2014 research supporting the concept of corporate wellness was considered weak, and the benefits were seen as unbalanced in favour of employers. Some even deemed the practices as discriminatory, as they unfairly targeted and punished workers who couldn’t or wouldn’t get with the program.

How Have Corporate Wellness Programs Changed?

Nowadays thinking has changed. Mainly, the focus on solely physical health and injury has given way to a more holistic approach that includes engaging mental health concerns as well, as it has shown to be beneficial to both employers and employees. Recent statistics show that workplace-related mental stresses cause a broad range of problems that reduce effectiveness and increase costs for employers. Decreased satisfaction on the job leads to higher rates of truancy. Unmotivated employees deliver an inferior quality of work at the cost of business. Conflicts between employees take away valuable time that should have been spent being productive. a higher self understands this, and we have crafted our approach to take on these new challenges. Based in New South Wales, we have been operating in Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast since 2006, and have moulded our group sessions to target workplace stress, facilitate communication between staff, and improve group dynamics to achieve a higher functioning team.

The Bottom Line

Many businesses are hesitant to implement programs out of fear of the costs, or confusion over the actual benefits. Breaking the bank, however, is not necessary to reap the rewards of a corporate wellness program. Did you know that the potential return on investment on even a low-cost program could be as great as five to one? When coupled with the benefit of reduction of costs from mental illness health care claims in addition to increased productivity, higher morale, employee pride, and greater retention rates among your top staff and clients, the case for corporate wellness becomes apparent. If you’re prepared to drastically improve your workplace functioning, contact us today via email at, or call us on 0439 300 614.

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