What you need to know about Corporate Wellness Programs in Sydney


In recent years, achieving corporate wellness has become a priority for savvy corporations and small business owners in Sydney. New data indicates that the mental health issues of stressed out Australian workers surpassed traditional physical injury as the leading cause of employee absenteeism.

Fortunately, there’s a local company offering Australian businesses a solution to improve employee resilience and provide them with the necessary tools to restore inner balance and create a more peaceful and productive workplace. At a higher self, we aim to provide a unique evidence-based approach. Our programs rely on each employees’ experience rather than theory. We offer breaks between sessions to enable excellent retention of the materials. Also, we encourage participants to practise the concepts they are taught in their workplace and at home to test the impact of the strategies. Clients are invited to revisit us to discuss any issues that may have arisen. This hands-on approach sets us apart from the theory-based corporate wellness programs in Sydney.

Authenticity in the workplace – Impactful Corporate Wellness Programs in Sydney

If you’re searching for a collector’s edition trading card, antique heirloom or perhaps a famous gallery painting, you would typically receive a certificate of authenticity for the article to verify the genuineness of the item for the buyer. Unfortunately, there is no magical document or formula to determine the authenticity of an individual.

However, the theory of authenticity provides a framework for understanding our purpose here on earth and provides a spiritual and psychological reason for our existence and purpose, which that centres on the uniqueness of each human being. This core element of authenticity is a foundation of our corporate wellness teachings as we strive to celebrate each person and teach them how to celebrate their uniqueness and encourage them to see the differences in others and other’s perspective.

Creating Balance from Chaos – The Benefit of Corporate Wellness Programs the Syndey

Chaos has a place in the world and can be a motivating factor. For example, in a state of unrest, famine or disaster, the resulting chaotic environment can motivate people to act kinder than usual, inspiring them to spring into action helping others. However, when the chaos involves a group of employees it can be debilitating, paralysing the workforce and stalling productivity.

At a higher self, we are a developmental organisation with a focus on workplace wellness. We offer programs in the areas of individual growth, interpersonal expansion and the enhancement of leadership via group dynamics. Our knowledgeable facilitators bring with them a breadth and depth of mental health, corporate wellness and psychology experience.

If your goal is to create a better workforce, encourage healthier people, embrace an overall better workplace and a better world, check out our programs. Call us today on 61 439 3000 614 or submit an online enquiry form to get started.

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