“Calming Stress”
Workplace Wellness

When people are unable to calm their stress, physical, mental and emotional difficulties arise. Its not about being a failure, inadequate or weak – it simply means the way you were taught to be and do things is no longer working for you.

We provide the support and guidance to improve resilience and restore balance.

Organisational Development

A Higher Self is an organisational development company that specialises in workplace wellness.
The three areas we focus on are:

The individual employee

Interpersonal relationships

Leadership and group dynamics

For many years research has highlighted the risk factors and behaviours that impair workplace wellness. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2014) found stress related absenteeism is already costing Australian employees $10.11 billion /year. Mental health has taken over physical injury as the largest cause of absences from work.

It is clear that the way businesses are doing things is simply not working. Business has mandated employee Occupational Health & Safety training for the prevention of physical injury for decades- Isn’t it about time we removed the stigma surrounding mental health and now focused on a psychologically healthier workplace.

The statistics highlight it matters!