Authenticity & Culture

“In the beginning is relation”   (Buber 1958)

The business culture of an organisation is a direct reflection of the personal consciousness of all organizational members.

Formal leaders need to be willing to commit to their own change before the rest of the organisation is involved in the process. They need to practice what they preach.

Further a connection exits between personal honesty and trust leading to greater performance. Relationships Matter! Unfortunately conflicting beliefs between people, moral distress, habitual behaviour, and ways of being in a relationship affect organisational  success and shape culture.

Organisational Culture

A Higher Self mentor and teach leaders and organisational teams to live better relationships. This doesn’t mean a conflict free environment because conflict is inevitable as everyone is different. It means learning to hear and appreciate other’s views and needs, as well as honestly communicating your own.

We identify your needs, observe you and your team in action and assess for congruence and incongruence between what is observed and what you are trying to achieve. We then provide feedback, which may address unidentified issues, and then custom design workshops that are educational and experiential to assist you.

PLEASE NB: We also explore and work with group dynamics because:

  • Individuals often behave differently in groups compared to one on one situations.
  • Social Psychology demonstrates that ineffective leadership and certain group structures, group polarisation and groupthink are detrimental to the health of an organisation.
  • An authentic leader will genuinely speak their truth (what is morally right for them and best for the organisation) in whatever setting they are in. As a result group collusion and scapegoating often occurs.

An improved business culture can, and will, lead to more authenticity, more trust, empowered relationships and more success.

A Higher Self teaches leaders what to do when this occurs. Contact us on