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A Higher Self is an organisational development company that specialises in Authentic Leadership. Our human resource development approach is professional, multi-dimensional and unique.

Labelled as the “soft stuff” by leaders, the quality of interpersonal relationships is often judged as less important. Company structure, organisational systems and processes, HR policies, change management plans, customer satisfaction and most importantly the bottom line  take precedence. This is largely because leaders believe the “soft stuff” is intangible and therefore can not be directly measured.

A Higher Self Values

However, for many years now, research has highlighted the impact poor leadership has on interpersonal relationships. For example the Australian Bureau of Statistics found stress related absenteeism is directly costing Autralian employers $10.11 billion/year. In Australia mental health has overtaken physical injury as the cause of the largest absences from work (ABS, Social trends, 2011).

The American Institute of Stress emphasises job stress carries the price tag in US industry, of over $300billion annually as a result of: accidents; absenteeism; employee turnover with diminished productivity; direct medical, legal and insurance costs; workers compensation claims related to psychological illness.

Leadership Development

It is clear that the way we are doing things is simply not working. We need informed leaders who recognise the importance of healthy relationships and are willing to let go of outdated perceptions.

A Higher Self explores authentic leadership across the following areas:

  1. The individual leader– a path to authenticity.
  2. Culture and society
  3. The elephant in the room
  4. Change
  5. Humanity and ethics.

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We provide the wisdom, guidance, process and tools to take you to where you need to be.

Our difference is in our experience and our integrity. We are committed to practicing what we preach.